Kavan/ Lorne Icon Challenge

Kavan/Lorne icon challenge
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Welcome to the two weekly icontest community dedicated to Kavan Smith, and Major Lorne from Stargate: Atlantis. Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted


#Must be LJ standard of 100x100 and less than 40 Kb.
#You may submit five (5) icons per challenge.
#Text/ Textures/ Blending/ Brushes are allowed. NO animation unless otherwise stated. Also NO text brushes/textures are allowed. You must make the text yourself.
#The icon must be specifically made for this challenge, and you may NOT share your icon with anyone.
#Cheating will not be tolerated, and will result in disqualification from that round. A second time will get you banned from the community.
Submit your icons like this:


#New challenges will be posted on Tuesday 11:00 am. America, Argentina, Mendoza.
#The deadline will be every two weeks in next Monday 11:59 pm America, Argentina, Mendoza
#Voting will be posted next Tuesday 11:00 am America, Argentina, Mendoza

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.kavansmithdaily . stargate365days . lizabeth_lims

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